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Project Description

Activity Summary is add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. It shows list of activities with convenient preview panel. The layout is similar to Microsoft Outlook. It is simple and fast.

  • Double click to open activity in standard CRM form
  • Single click to display activity in preview
  • Shows all types of activities, including custom ones
  • Buttons for adding new activities
  • Shows sender, recipients, attenders, etc. of activities
  • Single date file – combines actual end date, scheduled end date and created on into single field. If actual end date is not set, shows scheduled end data. If scheduled end date is not set shows created on date.
  • Provided solution adds summary to account and contact forms
  • Can be added to any entity
  • Custom entities are supported
  • Custom activities are supported

  • You have to refresh list after adding new activity
  • It was only tested with onpremise version of CRM




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